Electricians Who Reach You In Time, Every Time

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About Us

From the get-go, this electrical company points out its unique setup which puts the customers first. Des Plaines 24 Hour Electrician offers a group of supremely talented electricians who are equally dedicated.

So, when in charge, we guarantee immediate power restoration solutions that meet standards. In other words, efficient, reliable, and safe solutions oh the fly!


We are equipped to cater to the various electrical difficulties you may face at home or work. And with our licensed electricians, rest assured we don't disappoint. Contact us for light fixture installation, light switch repair, motion detector installation, and electrical wiring. What's more; we also undertake outlet installation, circuit breaker replacement, and electrical panel upgrade.

Service Area

Based in Des Plaines, all operations in Cook County fall within our jurisdiction.


Whether day or night, our 24-hour electricians are at your service. We work every hour of the day and 7 days a week.

Contact Us